Bupa: One step ahead of healthcare

Bupa is the global preventative healthcare specialist, helping you live a longer, healthier and happier life with visits to the doctor kept to a minimum. Bupa’s OpenHealth platform helps users manage their lifestyle, self-diagnose minor illnesses and access the most efficient route to healthcare assistance if needed.

OpenHealth implants alert you when you are ill and your digital assistant proposes action, monitors compliance and provides real-time information should you need to access healthcare. The platform uses enjoyable incentives to optimise healthy living.

Because Bupa believes preventative healthcare should be available to all, its OpenHealth platform is freely accessible globally, until the point of access to healthcare. Ever since the launch of its Well World initiative back in 2011, Bupa has been evolving to meet its commitment to keeping people well while supporting a healthy planet, which translated naturally into a core focus on active lifestyles and preventative health.

Behind the scenes

We used brand-led innovation to develop the concepts, applying an in-depth understanding of three vital elements: 

  1. Brand – what is the brand promise and essence?
  2. Foresight – what can we expect over the coming decades?
  3. Insight – what do consumers and customers desire and need, and what barriers do we need to overcome?


  • Helping people find healthy intelligent partnership with individual treatment
  • Accessible and affordable choice
  • Empowered decision making
  • Prevention better than cure
  • Healthy planet – healthy people


  • The escalating cost of healthcare and rise of lifestyle diseases means prevention is cost-effective, personally and for society
  • Increasing pressure on public health budgets leads to close partnership between public and private health provision
  • Increasing public acceptance of the role of technology in healthcare


  • My doctor doesn’t know me and I have increasingly lost faith in professional advice
  • I have greater control of my finances, communications and more, so I’d like the same control over my health
  • We’re in a ‘help yourself’ society, so I need to be better equipped and informed about my health
  • Knowledge is control – by tracking my health I can react faster if there are issues
  • Health is unique to an individual, so I want tailored care