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Real-time access to healthcare information

By the afternoon Harry’s ankle is really swollen — he needs to see a doctor. He goes on to OpenHealth to assess his options.

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Decision time

After a bit of deliberation he calls a sBike and heads off to the A&E with the lowest waiting time.


Public health advice

Harry’s not a member of Bupa, but often uses its OpenHealth platform for advice and info on staying healthy and avoiding visits to the doctor.


Prevention can’t fend off the odd accident

On his way to work Harry twists his ankle ? it doesn’t seem too bad so he heads off to his desk anyway.

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In the know

Nimisha settles down to a good cup of tea after a healthy dinner, safe in the knowledge that her health will soon be back on track.


Health alerts

Whilst out they get a message, warning that a nasty stomach bug is circulating in their area. Best to pick up some pro-biotics as well.

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…and choice on feedback

Having opted-in for direct feedback from Bupa, Nimisha is soon given a suite of options for how to boost her immune system via diet and lifestyle over the coming week. She and Milla venture out to stock up on some healthy food.

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General health monitoring and tracking

Nimisha is 72 years old and a full member of Bupa. She uses the member area of its OpenHealth platform to track her health status via an implant that monitors her vital organs, digestive and immune system.

Choice on updates…

Nimisha chooses to get regular updates, as she has been prone to picking up colds and bugs in the past. Today, she is informed that her immune system is running low? while her daughter, Milla, is informed she has reached her weight loss target for the month.